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Vladislav Shesternin

How to transform components of MotionLayout.

Part 1: MotionLayout with…

What is MotionLayout and layout files.

Part 2: Сreating animation…

Detailed instructions for creating animations with MotionLayout and layout files.

Part 1: MotionLayout with…

KotlinCoroutines: set up SharedFlow by testing ⚒

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  1. Initialize MutableSharedFlow:
val flow = MutableSharedFlow<Int>()
init {
CoroutineScope(Dispatchers.Default).launch {
flow.collect { log("flow = $it") }
val value: Int = 5
val flow = MutableSharedFlow<Int>(replay =…

3 great ways to get data from a callback using a coroutine

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0️⃣ Define a result class:

Dynamic set-up of the starting destination.

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An example of the beautiful Base-Fragment. {ViewBinding, ViewModel, Hilt}

BASE_FRAGMENT {ViewBinding, ViewModel, Hilt}

MotionLayout: creating MotionScene without XML

dispatchTouchEvent, onInterceptTouchEvent, onTouchEvent

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The resources that were most helpful in understanding the topic:




What can you implement by reading this article:

Vladislav Shesternin

Разработчик Android. Фанат, энтузиаст, создатель анимации

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