🔗LBJT: Introduction 0️⃣.

LibGDX Box2d Joints Tutorials.


At the moment it’s like an advertisement of what will be, on September 1 everything will be =)

LBJT (LibGDX Box2d Joints Tutorials) — This is my guide to learning joints in box2d based on LibGDX.

The guide will consist of a series of articles here on the medium and there is a separate APPLICATION that you can download from the play store using the link that will contain both the theory described here and interactive examples of joint tuning.

I recommend downloading the application immediately, since it contains the same information as here + everything is interactive and you can feel all the joints and see how they work depending on their settings.

PS. Vel_daN: Love what You DO 💚.

Vladislav Shesternin

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